The SWC-DB FsBroker - Configuration Properties

  • swc.FsBroker.cfg.dyn

    TYPE_STRINGS The Dynamic cfg-file to use. FsBrokers will check & reload this cfg-file by swc.cfg.dyn.period
    default swc.FsBroker.cfg.dyn=

  • swc.FsBroker.concurrency.relative

    TYPE_BOOL Whether HW-Concurrency base is used with the Applicable cfg properties.
    default swc.FsBroker.concurrency.relative=true

  • swc.FsBroker.reactors

    TYPE_INT32 The number of communication reactor to initialize an io-context for a given acceptor-fd. The total or the base of HW-concurrency for one reactor.
    default swc.FsBroker.reactors=4

  • swc.FsBroker.workers

    TYPE_INT32 The number of workers a comm-reactor initalizes.
    default swc.FsBroker.workers=16

  • swc.FsBroker.handlers

    TYPE_INT32 The number or HW-Concurrency base of Application handlers.
    default swc.FsBroker.handlers=32

  • swc.FsBroker.metrics.enabled

    TYPE_BOOL Enable or Disable FsBroker Metrics Monitoring.
    default swc.FsBroker.metrics.enabled=true


    TYPE_BOOL Report Metrics via Broker Client.


    TYPE_STRING The FsBroker host (default resolve by hostname).


    TYPE_UINT16 The FsBroker port.

The configuration properties applicable for dynamic reloading

  • swc.FsBroker.comm.encoder

    TYPE_ENUM_G The encoding to use in communication, options PLAIN/ZSTD/SNAPPY/ZLIB.

    If address of local & remote is the same, the Encoder is set to PLAIN.

default swc.FsBroker.comm.encoder=ZSTD


    TYPE_INT32_G The Metrics Reporting Interval in Seconds. Zero(=0) skips metrics update.

extended/updated/version information available with ‘–help' and ‘–help-config' arg

./swcdbFsBroker --help;
./swcdbFsBroker --help-config;