The SWC-DB Manager - Configuration Properties

  • swc.mngr.cfg.dyn

    TYPE_STRINGS The Dynamic cfg-file to use. Managers will check & reload this cfg-file by swc.cfg.dyn.period
    default swc.mngr.cfg.dyn=

  • swc.mngr.concurrency.relative

    TYPE_BOOL Whether HW-Concurrency base is used with the Applicable cfg properties.
    default swc.mngr.concurrency.relative=true

  • swc.mngr.reactors

    TYPE_INT32 The number of communication reactor to initialize an io-context for a given acceptor-fd. The total or the base of HW-concurrency for one reactor.
    default swc.mngr.reactors=4

  • swc.mngr.workers

    TYPE_INT32 The number or HW-Concurrency base of workers a comm-reactor initalizes.
    default swc.mngr.workers=16

  • swc.mngr.handlers

    TYPE_INT32 The number or HW-Concurrency of Application handlers.
    default swc.mngr.handlers=4

  • swc.mngr.clients.handlers

    TYPE_INT32 The number or HW-Concurrency base of DB-Clients handlers.
    default swc.mngr.clients.handlers=2

  • swc.mngr.metrics.enabled

    TYPE_BOOL Enable or Disable Manager Metrics Monitoring.
    default swc.mngr.metrics.enabled=true


    TYPE_BOOL Report Metrics via Broker Client.

The configuration properties applicable for dynamic reloading

  • swc.mngr.comm.encoder

    TYPE_ENUM_G The encoding to use in communication, options PLAIN/ZSTD/SNAPPY/ZLIB.

    If address of local & remote is the same, the Encoder is set to PLAIN.

    default swc.mngr.comm.encoder=ZSTD


    TYPE_INT32_G The Metrics Reporting Interval in Seconds. Zero(=0) skips metrics update.

  • swc.mngr.role.request.timeout

    TYPE_INT32_G The Timeout in milliseconds of MngrState request.
    default swc.mngr.role.request.timeout=60000

  • swc.mngr.role.connection.probes

    TYPE_UINT16_G The number of probes to try to establish connection with other Manager.
    default swc.mngr.role.connection.probes=3

  • swc.mngr.role.connection.timeout

    TYPE_INT32_G The timeout in milliseconds for establishing connection with other Manager.
    default swc.mngr.role.connection.timeout=1000

  • swc.mngr.role.connection.fallback.failures

    TYPE_INT32_G The Manager State becomes OFF after this Number of failures
    default swc.mngr.role.connection.fallback.failures=3

  • swc.mngr.role.check.delay.fallback

    TYPE_INT32_G The delay in milliseconds followed by check at fallback.failures reach
    default swc.mngr.role.check.delay.fallback=30000

  • swc.mngr.role.check.interval

    TYPE_INT32_G The interval in milliseconds between Managers-Status changes
    default swc.mngr.role.check.interval=120000

  • swc.mngr.role.check.delay.updated

    TYPE_INT32_G The Delay in milliseconds on Managers-Status changes
    default swc.mngr.role.check.delay.updated=200

  • swc.mngr.ranges.assign.Rgr.remove.failures

    TYPE_UINT16_G The number of failures(establishing connection X probes) after which a Ranger is removed
    default swc.mngr.ranges.assign.Rgr.remove.failures=255

  • swc.mngr.ranges.assign.delay.onRangerChange

    TYPE_INT32_G The Delay of Ranges Assignment Check in milliseconds on Ranger state change (on/off)
    default swc.mngr.ranges.assign.delay.onRangerChange=30000

  • swc.mngr.ranges.assign.delay.afterColumnsInit

    TYPE_INT32_G The Delay of Ranges Assignment Check in milliseconds follow columns init
    default swc.mngr.ranges.assign.delay.afterColumnsInit=30000

  • swc.mngr.ranges.assign.interval.check

    TYPE_INT32_G The Ranges assignment interval in milliseconds between checks
    default swc.mngr.ranges.assign.interval.check=60000

  • swc.mngr.ranges.assign.due

    TYPE_INT32_G The total allowed ranges due on Ranger assignment
    default swc.mngr.ranges.assign.due=100


    TYPE_INT32_G The Column Health Check Interval in milliseconds


    TYPE_INT32_G The Number of concurrent Column Health Checks


    TYPE_INT32_G The delay between Column Health Checks in milliseconds

  • swc.mngr.schema.replication

    TYPE_UINT8_G Save schema & schemas-store under this number of replications (fs-dependent)
    default swc.mngr.schema.replication=3


    TYPE_UINT64_G Use Schemas-Store from this number of schemas. The Schemas-Store dump will be used at schemas capacity reach for fast-load. The schemas will be dumped/saved to Schemas-Store only at gracefull manager-shutdown, after load or on failure the Schema-Store file is removed (the file exists as a hint directive).


    TYPE_INT32_G The Block-size of Schemas-Store in bytes


    TYPE_ENUM_G The Schemas-Store Block encoder, options PLAIN/ZSTD/SNAPPY/ZLIB

  • swc.mngr.rangers.resource.interval.check

    TYPE_INT32_G The Rangers Resources check interval in milliseconds
    default swc.mngr.rangers.resource.interval.check=120000

  • swc.mngr.rangers.range.rebalance.max

    TYPE_UINT8_G The Max Ranges to allow for rebalance at once on a Rangers Resources update, Zero is rebalance=Off.
    default swc.mngr.rangers.range.rebalance.max=1

extended/updated/version information available with ‘–help' and ‘–help-config' arg

./swcdbManager --help;
./swcdbManager --help-config;