Using the SWC-DB Command Line Interfaces (CLI)

The SWC-DB CLI/Shell is available in the utillity program bin/swcdb and the default Shell is the SWC-DB(client)> interface.

The Command Line Interfaces and argument-values available to work with are:

Argument Token Shell Command Line Interface
without an argument Work with the DB-Client SWC-DB(client)>
--manager / -mngr Work with a Manager SWC-DB(mngr)>
--ranger / -rgr Work with a Ranger SWC-DB(rgr)>
--filesystem / -fs Work with a FileSystem type by swc.fs='TYPE' SWC-DB(fs-TYPE)>

To use the specific CLI apply the argument-value-token to bin/swcdb --ARG;

  • For additional help information with running, use: bin/swcdb --help; and bin/swcdb --help-config;
  • For help with available shell-commands and help with the commands execution, use: SWC-DB('cli-name')> help; in the selected CLI.