Setting up swcdb_cluster

swcdb_cluster uses fabric python-package

Install the fabric python-package:

python3 -m pip install setuptools fabric;

swcdb_cluster requires password-less ssh authentication

Create a RSA-Key:

ssh-keygen -t rsa;

To pre-authorize known localhosts-addresses in-order to skip manual host key approval:

cat /root/.ssh/ >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys;
ssh-keyscan -t rsa localhost,ip6-localhost,localhost.localdomain,::1,::, >> ~/.ssh/known_hosts;

Known Issues

  • On execution paramiko.ssh_exception.SSHException exception is raised with a message “key cannot be used for signing” or an “Unknown/Unsupported” Key or not a valid RSA private key file.

    The reason can be badly-configured or broken packages distributed by the OS, an immediate possible solution is to uninstall the packages installed by the OS package manager (on Ubuntu with apt-get remove python-paramiko python-fabric, on Archlinux pacman -R python-paramiko python-fabric) and to install the packages available with pip.