The SWC-DB Ranger - Configuration Properties

  • swc.rgr.cfg.dyn

    TYPE_STRINGS The Dynamic cfg-file to use. Rangers will check & reload this cfg-file by swc.cfg.dyn.period
    default swc.rgr.cfg.dyn=

  • swc.rgr.concurrency.relative

    TYPE_BOOL Whether HW-Concurrency base is used with the Applicable cfg properties.
    default swc.rgr.concurrency.relative=true

  • swc.rgr.reactors

    TYPE_INT32 The number of communication reactor to initialize an io-context for a given acceptor-fd. The total or the base of HW-concurrency for one reactor.
    default swc.rgr.reactors=4

  • swc.rgr.workers

    TYPE_INT32 The number of workers a comm-reactor initalizes.
    default swc.rgr.workers=16

  • swc.rgr.handlers

    TYPE_INT32 The number or HW-Concurrency base of Application handlers.
    default swc.rgr.handlers=2

  • swc.rgr.loader.handlers

    TYPE_INT32 The number or HW-Concurrency base of Block Loader handlers.
    default swc.rgr.loader.handlers=4

  • swc.rgr.maintenance.handlers

    TYPE_INT32 The number or HW-Concurrency base of Maintenance handlers.
    default swc.rgr.maintenance.handlers=2

  • swc.rgr.clients.handlers

    TYPE_INT32 The number or HW-Concurrency base of DB-Clients handlers.
    default swc.rgr.clients.handlers=2

  • swc.rgr.metrics.enabled

    TYPE_BOOL Enable or Disable Ranger Metrics Monitoring.
    default swc.rgr.metrics.enabled=true


    TYPE_BOOL Report Metrics via Broker Client.

The configuration properties applicable for dynamic reloading

  • swc.rgr.comm.encoder

    TYPE_ENUM_G The encoding to use in communication, options PLAIN/ZSTD/SNAPPY/ZLIB.

    If address of local & remote is the same, the Encoder is set to PLAIN.

    default swc.mngr.comm.encoder=ZSTD

  • swc.rgr.ram.allowed.percent

    TYPE_INT32_G The Memory RSS % allowed without freeing/releasing.
    default swc.rgr.ram.allowed.percent=33

  • swc.rgr.ram.reserved.percent

    TYPE_INT32_G The Memory Total % reserved, threshold of low-memory enter state.
    default swc.rgr.ram.reserved.percent=33

  • swc.rgr.ram.release.rate

    TYPE_INT32_G The Memory release-rate (malloc dependable).
    default swc.rgr.ram.release.rate=100


    TYPE_INT32_G The Metrics Reporting Interval in Seconds. Zero(=0) skips metrics update.


    TYPE_INT32_G The Validation of Ranger-ID against Manager(RAGERS ROLE).

  • swc.rgr.compaction.check.interval

    TYPE_INT32_G The Interval in milliseconds for Compaction.
    default swc.rgr.compaction.check.interval=300000


    TYPE_UINT8_G The Allowed read-ahead scans per Range compaction.

  • swc.rgr.compaction.range.max

    TYPE_UINT8_G The Max Allowed Ranges at a time for compaction.
    default swc.rgr.compaction.range.max=2

  • swc.rgr.compaction.commitlog.max

    TYPE_UINT8_G The Max Allowed Commitlog compactions, The compactions count evaluated against total Ranges-Compactions plus the current Commitlog-Compactions. In a case when two Ranges are at compaction for the value of swc.rgr.compaction.commitlog.max=3, the allowed commitlog compactions is evaluated to one.
    default swc.rgr.compaction.commitlog.max=3

  • swc.rgr.compaction.range.uncompacted.max

    TYPE_INT32_G The Max Allowed Ranges with an uncompacted state that is when the CommitLog's modification-time to now is above swc.rgr.compaction.check.interval and the CommitLog is not empty. At breach of uncompacted count, compactions are made on Ranges without the need to reach the Range size threshold for compaction. ‘-1' value disables the checking.
    default swc.rgr.compaction.range.uncompacted.max=100

  • swc.rgr.Range.req.update.concurrency

    TYPE_UINT8_G The Max Allowed Concurrency a Range for Update Requests processing .
    default swc.rgr.Range.req.update.concurrency=1

    Default Schema Values

  • swc.rgr.Range.CellStore.count.max

    TYPE_UINT8_G The Schema default cellstore-max in range before range-split.
    default swc.rgr.Range.CellStore.count.max=10

  • swc.rgr.Range.CellStore.size.max

    TYPE_INT32_G The Schema default cellstore-size.
    default swc.rgr.Range.CellStore.size.max=1GB

  • swc.rgr.Range.CellStore.replication

    TYPE_UINT8_G The Schema default cellstore-replication (fs-dependent).
    default swc.rgr.Range.CellStore.replication=3

  • swc.rgr.Range.block.size

    TYPE_INT32_G The Schema default block-size.
    default swc.rgr.Range.block.size=64MB

  • swc.rgr.Range.block.cells

    TYPE_INT32_G The Schema default block-cells.
    default swc.rgr.Range.block.cells=100000

  • swc.rgr.Range.block.encoding

    TYPE_ENUM_G The Schema default block-encoding NONE/ZSTD/SNAPPY/ZLIB.
    default swc.rgr.Range.block.encoding=ZSTD

  • swc.rgr.Range.CommitLog.rollout.ratio

    TYPE_UINT8_G The Schema default CommitLog new fragment Rollout Block Ratio.
    default swc.rgr.Range.CommitLog.rollout.ratio=3

  • swc.rgr.Range.CommitLog.Compact.cointervaling

    TYPE_UINT8_G The minimal sequentially intervaling number of Fragments for CommitLog Compaction to issue a compaction on the selected Fragments.
    default swc.rgr.Range.CommitLog.Compact.cointervaling=3

  • swc.rgr.Range.CommitLog.Fragment.preload

    TYPE_UINT8_G Preload this number of Fragments of CommitLog at Log Compact and scans(BlockLoader).
    default swc.rgr.Range.CommitLog.Fragment.preload=2

  • swc.rgr.Range.compaction.percent

    TYPE_UINT8_G The Schema default compact-percent threshold.
    default swc.rgr.Range.compaction.percent=33

extended/updated/version information available with ‘–help' and ‘–help-config' arg

./swcdbRanger --help;
./swcdbRanger --help-config;